Thursday, July 7, 2016

Southern artist Cindy Bachemin transports the wild to canvas through her work

In the company of her Saint Bernard dog, south Mississippi artist Cindy Bachemin shares her world through photography and art. Her dramatic pieces bring viewers into the mystery of the swamp and the drama of wildlife with acrylics painted from her photographs. Her works hang in Artists’ Galleries de Juneau in Slidell, LA’s Olde Towne.

Bachemin often works on 16” X 20” canvases, although she occasionally paints larger pieces. Her studio is filled with a variety of subjects, including New Orleans images and views of the swamp. With inspirations such as the “Welcome to the Swamp” greeting of a television show.

She’s been painting since her young days, with early classes in a local art gallery in her hometown of New Orleans. Her interests morphed from painting fantasy and album covers as a teen in her “hippie” days to surrealism to professional photography. Now that her children are grown, she finds herself with time to return to her earlier love of painting.

With experiments in graphic arts, and imaginative depictions of natural subjects, Bachemin refuses to limit herself to a single mode. She adds touches such as window frames to bring new dimensions to her subject.

She is planning a dream painting depicting an entire swamp town of people and buildings. The townspeople will be shown going about their normal business in the thriving little community. Her vision will fill a larger canvas with the town and people, all within the setting of moss-draped swamp.

Her husband says he's constantly amazed at the beauty of her paintings. He serves as her cheerleader and support system, encouraging her through her efforts.

Bachemin plans to enter local art competitions and shows as well as hanging in the Slidell gallery. Her goal now is to get her name more visible to the public. Look for her work at Artists’ Galleries de Juneau and art competitions. You’ll be glad you found her striking paintings.

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