Thursday, July 7, 2016

Characters take center stage as Eric Bedell appears at MobiCon 2016

Dalek Eric, The Petit Four, Adric, Syndrome…what do these characters have in common? 

The Petit Four and Dalek Eric
Cosplayer Eric Bedell plays them all, and more-a pretty big accomplishment for a dimpled twelve-year-old. With these scifi/comic/fantasy characters under his belt, Bedell has been named as a featured cosplay guest as the 2016 Mobicon under the title Aspie Spice Costuming.

Bedell began his cosplay adventures when he was only eight years old. His first big role came as a full-sized Dalek in a mobile suit built by his grandfather, Jimmy Scates. As Dalek Eric, he found himself liberated by the costume, hidden from the eyes of those who might think of him as different.

“When I got inside the Dalek, I could open up,” he says with a chuckle. Young Eric makes no secret of his autism, rather he celebrates the joy of life as a science fiction fan/cosplayer.
Although he can’t quite fit as comfortably in his mechanical alter ego anymore, he still participates in the world of science fiction/comic conventions. He’s shown up as the Petit Four, a pint-sized version of Tom Baker’s Fourth Doctor Who, and as Adric, a companion who began his journey with Baker’s Doctor and continued with the Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison. In his Whovian costumes, Bedell appears on collector cards distributed by Krewe du Who.

His Jawa costume has been approved by the Galactic Academy, and he also plays Sokka from Airbender. As part of his appearance at Mobicon, he will introduce Syndrome from Disney/Pixar’s “The Incredibles.”

Bedell describes conventions as a place where he can be himself and he’s sharing the experience with others. Through an appearance at Geekonomicon in 2014, he met Dr. Mark Yeager of TEAAM, an autism awareness group in Mississippi. Since then, Bedell has been a part of the group, making appearances and letting people on the spectrum know they are welcome in the convention community. He also works with the Metro Whovians of Jackson, MS.

All this touring requires props as well as costumes. Scates built a second dalek, Dark Smalek, as an 80% scale, screen accurate remote-controlled version of a dalek.
“He’s 100% evil, 80% of the size,” laughs Bedell.

“And 20% less packaging,” adds Eric’s mother, Carleigh S. Bedell.

Bedell will appear at Mobicon during Memorial Day weekend, May 27-29, 2016.

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