Thursday, July 7, 2016

Free video available for fans of Mississippi's Frank Ladner

Fans of Mississippi filmmaker Frank Ladner have a surprise treat waiting for them in his release of a short subject on YouTube. His new film, “Almost Mine,” offers a change from his previous Southern mock-umentaries with a tightly scripted plot and cast of two. The more cinematic approach Ladner takes with this new project shows another aspect of the young man’s talent.

Jessy Hughes and Matthew McCoy play a couple living in a post-apocalyptic world in Colorado, struggling to make a living as gemstone miners. Although their lives are difficult, they share a special bond.

Shot entirely on location in Poplarville, the film follows the appealing couple through their routine as they search for and process the lapis lazuli they sell to support themselves in a gritty, hard knocks world. The two stars bring a warm humanity to what could have been a situation beyond the understanding of viewers. Demonstrating a deft comedic touch with a romance in the ruins of civilization, the pair remain beautiful under their tattered exteriors.

As an independent filmmaker, Ladner understands the need for new approaches and creative content. His films bring both, laced with wit and a family-friendly attitude. Viewers of all ages can enjoy his work from the start and appreciate new layers in it with each additional viewing.

Trailers for Ladner’s earlier films, “Hickory Never Bleeds” and “Max Peril,” appeared on YouTube, but “Almost Mine” runs in its entirety, a free gift for viewers to cherish. The award winning filmmaker has maintained his quirky, offbeat perspective for the short subject, offering a fresh look at relationships and survival. The little film carries the potential to introduce a whole new audience to his earlier works. While “Hickory Never Bleeds” is available for purchase on DVD, “Max Peril” is still screening at film festivals across the country and will be available for purchase sometime in 2016.

Look for “Almost Mine” and the trailers to Ladner’s full-length works at YouTube. Visit his website for additional short subjects which showcase the film making talents of Poplarville’s Frank Ladner.

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